November 2019 Newsletter

The weather is turning cooler and letting us know that the Holiday season is approaching quickly.  Trunk n’ Treat starts the season with Halloween treats and free books here at the library.  We will see you Thursday, Oct. 31st from 5-7.  Next up is the Thayer Methodist Church Turkey Dinner and Bazaar on Saturday, November 2 at 4 pm.  We expect to have the Angel Tree up here at the library around Thanksgiving.  The Thayer Christmas Drawing will be Sunday, December 8th at 4 pm.  We will have many opportunities to meet and mingle with friends and neighbors.  This makes this time of year so special.

We are making some progress in the library rearrangement.  The SEKLS rotation books are now located in the main room again.  They are along the West wall.  The printer is now in that funky corner near the front window.  The CD-audio books are along the East wall on a new shelf.  We are waiting on a new magazine rack.  We still have some other items to move, but we are getting there.  We still have several pieces of very nice furniture to rehome.  Come by and see if there is anything you need.  We will make you a good price on them.

This time of year is also a busy one for the publishing business.  Most of your favorite authors are releasing books for the Christmas season.  We have new books by Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, and J.A. Jance.  If anyone of you read Before We Were Yours, by Lisa Wingate, we now have a follow-up, non-fiction book that explores the true story of what happened to the orphans of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society.  An older book that warrants a mention is The Rise of the Rocket Girls by Holt.   She tells of the female, human computers of the Jet Propulsion Lab from 1939 until the mid-2010’s.  What an incredible story of unsung heroes.  Life and Other Inconveniences by Kristan Higgins is a great read.  If you stop by, we will fill you in on all of our favorite books

October 2019 Newsletter


The Thayer Friday Reading Club City Library is excited to announce the beginning of a new program.  We are starting a “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program.”  This program is completely free.  Participants don’t even have to be library patrons.  Books do not have to be checked out from the library.  Parents just need to sign up and choose how they would like to record the books read to the child.  They can keep track of number of books read or they can write down the titles of the books.  After each 100 books, the child is rewarded with a free book of his or her choice and a picture on our wall of fame.  The books can be read to the child by anyone; parent, grandparent, sibling, caregiver, or teacher.  When the child goes through the, “I want to hear it again” stage, that is fine: repeats of the same book are allowed.  We hope that every family with young children will take part in this program.  It will be such a positive experience for everyone.

We have some upcoming events to tell you about.  We will have a book talk to introduce the 2019 Kansas Notable Books to our patrons.  We will have light refreshments at 6:30 on Wednesday, October 9th.  There is no registration required, and everyone is invited.  The talk shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes.  We haven’t heard any plans for the annual Trunk’n Treat, but Halloween is will be here before the next newsletter so this is a good time to remind everyone that the library will have treats and free books for all the trick ‘n treaters.  We love to see all the costumes and excited faces.

We still have several pieces of very nice furniture and a couple of TV’s for sale at the library.  We also have a piano that is free to anyone who would like to have it.  We need to make room to rearrange our space to serve the needs of our patrons better.  Please feel free to come by and make us an offer on anything you like.

As always we offer free wifi, computers, printing, copying, fax machine, books, magazines, cd-audio books, music CD’s, laminating, meeting room with computer projector, exploration kits for both young and older kids, the Welcome, Baby program, free information on services available in the area, information on how to become a 2020 census worker ( great part- time job), and we collect Cash not Trash donations, Box Tops for Education for the Thayer School, and pop tops for the Joyce Family.  We need you to let us know of newborns in Thayer.


September 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Thayer’s Homecoming celebration.  We hope everyone is planning on taking in some the terrific events planned for this weekend.  The library will be having its annual book give-away and cookie sale, but we will have other offerings, also.  We are rearranging and redecorating the library!  We are selling some of the furnishings that we have now so that we can redo how the library is laid out to better serve our patrons.  If you visit the library, you can see our progress.  We have already moved our display case to the main room.  We will offer the use of the display case for two week periods to anyone in the community who wishes to showcase a collection.  Right now we have some wonderful wood cravings done by Dale Newton of Chanute.  There is a calendar available to book your two-week slot.

Some of the items that will be for sale at the library during Homecoming (and afterward) include: two wooden bookcases, a large wooden desk, a copier or two, an entertainment center,  a wooden magazine rack, and large-screen TV.  All of the items will be on display during the book give-away.  We also have a piano that is free to a good home.  These are the one-time items that will be available.  We are excited to announce that we now will have hand-made greeting cards for sale.  These cards are large enough to mail and are only $2 apiece.  One dollar of that stays at the library so it is a fund raiser for us.

Another change will come to our board of trustees.  Three of our board members have reached the end of their terms.  We are looking for community members who are interested in seeing the library thrive in Thayer to serve on the library board.  The library board meets once a month to decide on library policy issues and happenings at the library.  Library board members also take turns volunteering to staff the library on Saturday mornings.   Interested persons are invited to attend the library board meeting at 5:30 Monday, September 9, 2019 at the library.

Even with all the changes and going-ons, we are still here to serve the community.  Don’t forget we are collecting pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Wichita and Box Tops for Education for the Thayer School.  Enjoy your Homecoming Weekend!

August 2019 Newsletter

We would like to thank all of the Summer Reading Program participants for reading so many books this summer. The program is winding down with the final reading celebration August 8th at 3 pm.  We will be learning about the planets of the solar system.  Remember to register early for the program because we only have room for 15 kids. The last day to write down books is August 15th.  We have had a great summer; it is a great joy to see the love of reading in those young faces.

Homecoming is headed our way.  We look forward to seeing old friends and so many new faces.  We will be having the book give away and cookie sale as usual.  The quilt show at the senior center is a new activity this Homecoming.  We will be checking out the beautiful, hand-made treasures of Thayer.  We are so glad that they have decided to offer this special opportunity.  Another new sight at this year’s Homecoming will be the Brewster School House.  The museum board members and friend have spent many, many hours getting the school ready for everyone.

Our second little free library at the park seems to be popular.  Please feel free to check it out and help yourself to a book or two.  The Sunshine Café has installed a book exchange shelf which is also another chance to pick up a book or two for free.  The third little free library should be installed soon as Smitty’s beautiful renovation project is finished.

The Library Board has decided to have Movie Nights the third Friday of every month during the summer months.  We feel that schedule will allow people to make plans.  Our last movie we held inside because of the heat so inside-viewing will allow us to keep to the plan.  Our next movie night will be August 16th.  We will gather at 8 and start the movie once it is dark enough.

We offer our apologies for the internet service interruptions this past month.  It has been a trial, but, hopefully, that is all in the past.  We thank you for your patience.  We try very hard to be dependable and a service to the community.  We are collecting pop can tabs to help offset the expenses of the Joyce Family.  We have three gift bundles for Thayer’s newborn residents.  The Thayer Christian Preschool has decided to continue to collect “Cash-Not Trash” items for the next year.  We have collections containers at the library.


July 2019 Newsletter

Summer seems to have finally arrived.  We would like to thank the crowd who came to the movie night on June 21st.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  We will schedule another one for July.  Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for details.  This would be a good time to thank all of you who follow us on Facebook.  We enjoy the feedback and responses.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should do so.  It is the quickest and easiest way for us to let everyone know what is going on.  Thanks to our Facebook followers, we have two more “Welcome, Baby” gift bundles to go to Thayer’s newest citizens.  We love to provide this welcome.

Our second little free library was installed at the city park a couple of weeks ago.  We noticed that people have helped themselves to the free books which is exactly what we want.  Check the libraries often because they are replenished on a regular basis.  We know you are going to find your next “favorite author” when you choose a book to read.  When you do, you know where to come to find more books by that author: the library!

Our summer reading program is having a blast this summer.  We have so many dedicated participants, both children and adults.  We have had some reading celebrations already this summer for the kids.  Our next one is scheduled for July 18th at 3 pm.  We only have room for 15 kids so we ask that you register for the programs.  This next one will celebrate the pioneers of aviation.  Kansas should be very proud of the impact this state has had on aviation.  We have included several space themed books and DVD’s in our collection for both children and adults.  If you have always had a fascination with the stars and space exploration, come see what we have added.

The Kansas State Library has announced the list of the 2019 Kansas Notable Books.  They also offer a grant that allows us to purchase a copy of each book so that we can share them with all Kansans.  The Library is in the process of purchasing and making the books ready for check out.  We are also reading them so that we can introduce them to readers at a later date.  Keep watching our Facebook page.

Even with all the added excitement of a busy summer season, we still offer free computer access, free wifi, printer/copier and fax machine.  Let us know what you need.

June 2019 Newsletter

We hope everyone is safe and dry.  Summer is bound to get here sooner or later!  Regardless of the weather, the Summer Reading Program (SRP) is up and running.  We have programs for both adults and children, and you can still sign up.  As part of the SRP, we hold several reading celebrations during the summer.  These are at 3 pm on certain Thursdays.  They are geared for children aged 5 -12.  We have a reading activity, craft, snacks, and door prizes.  Because of space limitations, we ask that you register for these reading celebrations.  On Thursday, June 13th, we will explore UFO’s, Aliens, and Science-fiction.  On Thursday, June 27th, Flight will be the topic.  Join us!

The Library is now offering a DVD player for check out.  It can be checked out for one week at a time, just like our DVD’s.  So if you DVD player bit the dust and you don’t want to replace it, we can help.

With the weather being so unsettled, this would be a good time to remind our patrons about our weather policy dealing with children.  Children older than seven are welcome to come to the library without a parent or other adult, but there must be someone available to pick them up in a vehicle in case of severe weather.  We do not have a storm shelter here at the library, and we cannot transport anyone to a shelter.  We would never send children out into a violent storm to walk home.  Please help us keep the children safe.

May 2019 Newsletter

The library is gearing up for the Summer Reading Program (SRP).  This summer’s program will run from May 16th until August 15th.  The program is open to every patron, child or adult.  Children record the titles of books read or listened to and receive a small prize after every five with a summer goal of twenty books.  Adults enter a ticket for a weekly drawing with every book read.  We are so proud of the fact that so many people choose to participate each year.  It really is the highlight of our year!

The theme for the program this year is “A Universe of Stories.”  We are very excited to announce that we will be having five different programs during the summer for participants:

May 23rd – Space Exploration

June 13th – UFO’s/Aliens/Science-fiction

June 27th – Flight

July 18th – Aviation History

August 8th – Planets and the Solar System

All programs are open to all SRP participants and begin at 3 PM at the library.  Due to space constraints, space is limited to the first 15 who sign up for each program.  Sign-up sheets will be available at the library.

Even with the excitement of the approaching summer, we still have new books and DVD’s.  Many of your favorite authors such as; Baldacci, Sandford, Macomber, Jance, Kellerman, Robb, etc. all have new titles out. Call the library if you wish to be placed on the list for your favorite or check out the New Book Shelf when you come in to the library.

Just a reminder that we offer many services here at the library.  We have computers, printer, copier, fax machine, laminator, shredder, free information on many topics, and anything else we can think of to help the community.  See you soon at the library!


April 2019 Newsletter


Spring has sprung!  We are all ready to get out and enjoy the fine weather.  If you are heading out to your garden, you might want to check out some of our gardening books.  We have information on many different topics here at the library.  If we don’t have it, we can get it for you.

April 7th -13th is National Library Week.  Please join us here for a week of fun, prizes, and treats.  We have already set up the “Guess the Jellybeans” contest.  Come in and try to guess how many jellybeans are in the glass jar.  We will announce the winner on April 12th.  The winner receives the jar and the jellybeans.  You can’t win if you don’t enter.  We will have other activities and games during the week.

We have purchased 25 new large-print Christian fiction books.  There is a good variety of genres in the collection.  Some are mysteries while others are romances.  There a few adventure stories and some historical fiction.  Come see what we have.  See you soon at the library!

March 2019 Newsletter

We would like to thank everyone who turned out for our Chocolate Affair on Feb. 17th.  We will be able to purchase many new children’s book thanks to your generosity.  We truly appreciate your support.

Some Thayer residents haven’t been to the library in a while so we thought it would be a good idea to let you know about some of our offerings that you may not know about.

Did you know …that we offer music CD’s for check out?

Did you know … that we have STEM kits for children ages 8 to 12 to explore here at the library?

Did you know…that we have Take, Play, and Learn kits for the parents of preschoolers to check out and practice skills at home?

Did you know… that we have magazines to check out?

Did you know … that we have board games to play here at the library?

Did you know … that we have an educational computer for children ages 2 to 8?

Did you know… that we offer tons of free information on nutrition, exercise, tourism, and financial planning?

Did you know…that we have a paper shredder and would be pleased to shred any documents that you want to dispose of safely?

Come check us out!

February 2019 Newsletter

The library is excited to announce the beginning of a new program.  Welcome, Baby provides the parents of newborn Thayer residents with some board books, a small gift, and library information.  We need the public’s help in letting us know when the babies arrive.  You can contact the library in person, by phone, or on-line.  If the parents are first-time parents, we will include a parents’ guide for the first year.  Please help us welcome Thayer’s newest members.

February brings the annual library fundraiser.  Library board members and members of the Thayer Reading Club provide a wide array of chocolate and baked good treats.  For $5, you can fill a container with your choice of goodies.  This year the Chocolate Affair will be Sunday, Feb. 10th from 11 am until 2 pm at the library.  The funds we raise will be used to purchase new books for the Summer Reading Program, the Welcome, Baby program, and the Halloween book give-away.  Childhood literacy is so important!   We always appreciate the support that Thayer shows for the library.

We have been hearing a buzz about our new streaming service, Hoopla.  Patrons seem to really like the service.  Hoopla allows a library card holder to stream up to five free movies, ebooks, audio books, comics, music, and TV episodes to any device or computer.  Please come see us if you need a library card or need help setting up your account.