January 2019 Newsletter

A great way to start a new year is with new services and offerings at the library!  If you have driven by the library lately, you have noticed the two pretty new benches.  On the East side of the building, between the sign and the book drop, we have installed the first of three little free libraries.  The other two should be installed soon.   Inside the building, we have put up the new quick charging station for people to charge their devices while at the library.  This station will accommodate both Apple and android devices, including tablets.

As a library we have books and movies for our patrons, but we are also an information center.  We have access to many databases (think interactive encyclopedias) that cover many different subjects.  We offer printed information that is free to take if you need it.  We are also able to direct you to various websites and organizations that can help you solve any number of issues.  Now with the Hoopla Streaming service, we are available at the touch of an app.  We have heard several positive reviews of the service from those patrons who have downloaded it.

We try to help Thayer citizens grow and thrive in their community.  If there is any service, that you feel would benefit Thayer, please let us know.