June 2019 Newsletter

We hope everyone is safe and dry.  Summer is bound to get here sooner or later!  Regardless of the weather, the Summer Reading Program (SRP) is up and running.  We have programs for both adults and children, and you can still sign up.  As part of the SRP, we hold several reading celebrations during the summer.  These are at 3 pm on certain Thursdays.  They are geared for children aged 5 -12.  We have a reading activity, craft, snacks, and door prizes.  Because of space limitations, we ask that you register for these reading celebrations.  On Thursday, June 13th, we will explore UFO’s, Aliens, and Science-fiction.  On Thursday, June 27th, Flight will be the topic.  Join us!

The Library is now offering a DVD player for check out.  It can be checked out for one week at a time, just like our DVD’s.  So if you DVD player bit the dust and you don’t want to replace it, we can help.

With the weather being so unsettled, this would be a good time to remind our patrons about our weather policy dealing with children.  Children older than seven are welcome to come to the library without a parent or other adult, but there must be someone available to pick them up in a vehicle in case of severe weather.  We do not have a storm shelter here at the library, and we cannot transport anyone to a shelter.  We would never send children out into a violent storm to walk home.  Please help us keep the children safe.