September 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to Thayer’s Homecoming celebration.  We hope everyone is planning on taking in some the terrific events planned for this weekend.  The library will be having its annual book give-away and cookie sale, but we will have other offerings, also.  We are rearranging and redecorating the library!  We are selling some of the furnishings that we have now so that we can redo how the library is laid out to better serve our patrons.  If you visit the library, you can see our progress.  We have already moved our display case to the main room.  We will offer the use of the display case for two week periods to anyone in the community who wishes to showcase a collection.  Right now we have some wonderful wood cravings done by Dale Newton of Chanute.  There is a calendar available to book your two-week slot.

Some of the items that will be for sale at the library during Homecoming (and afterward) include: two wooden bookcases, a large wooden desk, a copier or two, an entertainment center,  a wooden magazine rack, and large-screen TV.  All of the items will be on display during the book give-away.  We also have a piano that is free to a good home.  These are the one-time items that will be available.  We are excited to announce that we now will have hand-made greeting cards for sale.  These cards are large enough to mail and are only $2 apiece.  One dollar of that stays at the library so it is a fund raiser for us.

Another change will come to our board of trustees.  Three of our board members have reached the end of their terms.  We are looking for community members who are interested in seeing the library thrive in Thayer to serve on the library board.  The library board meets once a month to decide on library policy issues and happenings at the library.  Library board members also take turns volunteering to staff the library on Saturday mornings.   Interested persons are invited to attend the library board meeting at 5:30 Monday, September 9, 2019 at the library.

Even with all the changes and going-ons, we are still here to serve the community.  Don’t forget we are collecting pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Wichita and Box Tops for Education for the Thayer School.  Enjoy your Homecoming Weekend!