September 2020 Newsletter

Homecoming is approaching quickly.  We are so excited about the number and variety of books we have available for the book give away this year.  Not only do we have books that we have removed from our collection but the books from two large donations.  There is an incredible selection.  You have to see it to believe it.  So come by the library on Saturday, Sept. 5th from 9 until whenever and find some new reading material.  While you are here you can buy three cookies for $1.00 and help support our Halloween book trick or treat when we feed the minds of our kids not just their tummies.

We have just received a new selection of rotation books.  We are so thankful for this service from Southeast Kansas Library System (SEKLS).  It allows us to offer an ever-changing collection to our patrons.  The large print books and Westerns are very popular.

We had a small but successful summer reading program this year.  We had just 16 children sign up, but of the 16, 12 of them reached the goal of 20 books this summer.  We are so proud of their effort.  We know this extra reading practice will help them in their schoolwork this coming year.