November 2020 Newsletter

Baby, It’s cold outside!” from the song written by Idina Menzel is so true for this weather.  It is cold and nasty outside, so it is time to check out a huge stack of books and movies and huddle on the couch to wait for spring.  We have everything you need to keep you entertained.  Come browse our huge selection of books, magazines, DVD’s, and even music CD’s.  If you are feeling screen-overwhelm, try putting on a book on CD to listen to while you putter about.  We have many to choose from for every taste.  They are a great way to spend a daily commute.

November is Kansas Reads to Preschoolers month.  Pledge to read a book aloud to your favorite preschooler.  Children should be read to regularly.  We have the “1,000 Books before Kindergarten Program” here at the library.  It is literally a gift that lasts a lifetime.  Children who are read to from birth to school-age enter the educational world with such advantages that other kids just don’t have.  Children who come from homes that own few books tend to struggle with school and other issues into their adult lives.  Owning and reading books to children is an easy way to help them succeed in life.  Using the library resources, it is also absolutely free.  It just takes a few minutes a day and a weekly trip to the library.