September 2020 Newsletter

Homecoming is approaching quickly.  We are so excited about the number and variety of books we have available for the book give away this year.  Not only do we have books that we have removed from our collection but the books from two large donations.  There is an incredible selection.  You have to see it to believe it.  So come by the library on Saturday, Sept. 5th from 9 until whenever and find some new reading material.  While you are here you can buy three cookies for $1.00 and help support our Halloween book trick or treat when we feed the minds of our kids not just their tummies.

We have just received a new selection of rotation books.  We are so thankful for this service from Southeast Kansas Library System (SEKLS).  It allows us to offer an ever-changing collection to our patrons.  The large print books and Westerns are very popular.

We had a small but successful summer reading program this year.  We had just 16 children sign up, but of the 16, 12 of them reached the goal of 20 books this summer.  We are so proud of their effort.  We know this extra reading practice will help them in their schoolwork this coming year.

August 2020 Newsletter

Summer is almost over.  We have another movie night coming up on August 21st.  We will start the movie as soon as it is dark enough to see.  At this time of year that should be 8 to 8:15.  Bring your lawn chair and snacks to watch a family-friendly movie under the stars.  We would like to thank everyone who has come out so far this summer.  We have had a good time.  If there is enough interest, we can extend movie nights into the autumn.

The Summer Reading Program will end August 15th.  We are so proud of all the kids who have spent the summer reading.  Some kids have read up to 50 books so far!  Even the ones who haven’t read so many have worked to improve their reading skills.  Hopefully, next summer we will be able to offer our reading celebrations to our participants.

It is not too early to start thinking about Homecoming.  We still plan to have our annual book give-away and cookie sale.  We received a very large donation of very nice books.  They are in excellent condition.  We have a huge selection of romance books, quilting books and magazines, and like-new cookbooks.  As always, the books are free to anyone on the Saturday of Homecoming weekend.  Please come see what is available and take as many as you want.  We don’t have enough shelves to add all of these books to our collection!  We would have to start a new library.

Do you have a collection that you would like to share with the community?  We have enjoyed some incredible miniatures this spring.  Now the display case holds an impressive array of antique railroad keys, including some caboose keys.  We would like to give everyone a chance to share.  After all, why have a collection if you can’t show it off?

July Newsletter

The Library is open!  We are following our normal hours of operation.  The Library Board voted at the last meeting that masks are recommend within in the library, but not required.  They also lifted the limit of 10 persons in the library at one time.  As of now, we are operating as before.   We can receive books from other libraries, so if we don’t have book you want, we can probably get it for you.  This situation is subject to change if the Neosho County Health Department issues any directives.

Our Summer Reading Program is underway.  There is still time to sign up for both children and adults.  The theme this summer is “Imagine Your Story” with a focus on fairy tales and imagination.  Come be a unicorn, a magician, a knight, a princess, a king or a queen! Join the fun!

We were so pleased to be able to welcome three newborns to Thayer this month with our “Welcome, Baby” program.  Please continue to let us know when there is a new arrival in Thayer.  We have presents!

For those children who have been around awhile, we invite their parents to sign them up for our free “1,000 Books before Kindergarten” program.  Kids get to choose a book to keep after every hundred books they have listened to.  The books don’t have to be from our library, and anyone can read the books, grandparents, caregivers, siblings.  Have your child join our Wall of Fame!

Movie Nights have returned!  On the third Friday of every month during the warm months, we will be showing a family-friendly movie free of charge for the whole community.  Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and snacks and join us for a movie under the stars.  The movie will begin as soon as it is dark enough to see, usually a half hour after sunset.   Rain cancels.

We are here to serve the community.  Please let us know if there a service or a need that we can provide to better meet the needs of our patrons and fellow citizens.

*Update – Beginning July 3, 2020, masks will be required inside the building.



We will be closed until further notice.

I will be at the library on Friday afternoons to take care of chores.  If you let me know via Facebook or e-mail, I can check books out to you then and bring them to the car.  No need for you to come in.  You can return books and DVD’s in the book drop.  I will restock the little free libraries on a weekly basis, also.

Stay safe and healthy.

See you soon.

March 2020 Newsletter

Here’s to hoping that March “comes in like a loin and goes out like a lamb.”  We could all use some warm, sunny weather.  To brighten up these grey, last of the winter days, we are having Shamrock Shenanigans at the library March 10th through the 17th.  We will have games, contests, and treats all week long.  It’s time to drag out the green and get your Irish on.  Come on in and see what we fun we have planned for you.  There will be something for everyone!

Speaking of plans, we are already making plans for the Summer Reading Program.  This year’s theme is Imagine Your Story.  We are looking forward to fairy tales, myths, and all kinds of fantastic beasts and beauties.  We will have two separate programs again this year.  One for the children with monthly programs and prizes for reading and another for adults.  We are considering adult programs as well.  Look for more updates as we draw closer to summer.

Do have a pastime or hobby that you would like to share with others?  Are you interested in learning a new skill?  We are looking for people to lead adult programs at the library during our open hours.  Someone mentioned an interest in starting a Mah Jong club at the library.  We will gladly lend our meeting room for such a purpose.  There are only two requirements; the registration must be open to any adult, and it must be free of charge.  You can require that participants provide materials for personal use but can’t charge for attending.  Please let the library know if you are interested.

We would like to remind everyone of our Welcome, Baby Program.  Please let us know of newborn Thayer Citizens, and we will put together a Welcome to Thayer gift package for them.  We really enjoy putting these together and giving them out.  Let know if the baby is a first-born so we can include an extra gift for the parents.  Once those babies are born, we encourage the parents to sign them up for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program.  The program is easy, free, and so important.  We already have several families involved and are putting up pictures of our milestone readers on our Wall of Fame.


February 2020 Newsletter

The biggest news this month is our annual Chocolate Affair fundraiser.  The Thayer Library Board and the Thayer Friday Reading Club work together to supply homemade treats and chocolate candies for sale to the public.  This year’s sale will be Sunday, Feb. 9th from noon until 3pm.  For just $5 you can fill a container with as many goodies as you want.  We will have some sugar-free items available also.  The library uses the proceeds of this sale to purchase extra books for the summer reading program.  We have an impressive number of kids sign up for the program every summer.  It is great to be able to offer them new books to read.  Many of the participants read well over twenty books during the summer.  If we raise enough money, we can also purchase some large print books for some of our adult patrons.  Large print books are very expensive and often cost more than our usual budget can manage.  Every penny spent goes to providing more reading opportunities for our community.

February is not a big month for new book releases.  We will be adding a recent Danielle Steel book, a new J.D. Robb, and Jonathan Kellerman’s latest book.  Future purchases of DVD’s include Addams Family, Gemini Man, Joker, Maleficent, and for the kids, Abominable.  For Heartland Series fans, we are pleased to announce that season 12 has been released on DVD.  Let us know if you want your name on the list.  This is a hugely popular series.

For those of you wanting to get a head start on filing your taxes, we just received information from the Kansas Department of Revenue on how to file your taxes on-line for free.  We also offer computers so that you can file state or federal tax forms.  We no longer have paper forms of any tax forms.  The 2020 census is set to begin in a month or so.  The easiest and quickest option for everyone is to fill out an on-line form.  We will, of course, offer any assistance we can to make this an easy process.

As always we provide computers, fax machine, copier/printer, laminator, books, magazines, DVD’s, and free wifi.

January 2020 Newsletter

It is cold outside, and what better way to spend a blustery day than with a good book or DVD.  Come on in and see what we have to offer.  Now would be a good time to remind our patrons that if Thayer/Cherryvale schools are cancelled because of weather, the library will also be closed.  With any luck we will avoid any more dangerous weather.

Patrons may not be aware of all the different types of books that the library has to offer.  If you made a New Year’s resolution to start eating better, we have a cookbook for you.  We have many cookbooks that feature various diets or low-fat recipes.  This might be the time to look for a new quilting pattern or craft project.  Maybe you want to read more about the lives of famous Americans.  We have several shelves of biographies.  You may prefer to warm up the cold with a sizzling romance; we have those, too.  The library has magazines, DVD’s, music CD’s, audio books, and a streaming service that allows instant, free access to over 650,000 items. We try to offer something for everyone.

Coming soon will be our annual CHOCOLATE AFFAIR!  This is a fund raiser supported by both the library and the Thayer Friday Reading Club.  We will need to purchase children’s books for our increasingly popular summer reading program. In the past, we have truly enjoyed the support of the community in our efforts to provide services to Thayer.

Remember that we always have computer access, fax machine, laminator, copy machine, color printer, free wi-fi, and a WiiU gaming system.

December 2019 Newsletter


The angel tree is back at the library again this year.  Come quickly to choose a child in the community whose family needs help to provide a Christmas.  Each angel has three gift suggestions and an age.  We ask that all the gifts are wrapped as three separate packages no matter what you buy.  That way each child has the same number of gifts to unwrap.  Due to the generous nature of our community, the angels are adopted quickly so don’t wait too long to stop by the library to pick yours.

While you are at the library, we invite you to look around at our new look.  We have rearranged, sold some items, and added some new ones.  We hope that the changes will make our library more user-friendly.  Please ask if you have any questions.  Make sure to take a look at the display case in the main room.  These are collections shown by Thayer residents.  There are comment cards available if you would like to share your thoughts about the display.  The contents change every two weeks.  If you have a collection you would like to share, ask to see the display calendar at the main desk to reserve your dates.

We would like to remind you of our Welcome, Baby program.  The library gives each newborn in the community a welcome to Thayer a gift.  If the baby is a first baby for the family, we have a special gift so let us know.  For those families with children under 5, we recommend an extra special Christmas gift.  Sign the child up for our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program.  This program is absolutely free and is absolutely the best present a child could receive.  The books read to the child do not have to be checked out from our library.  They can be books you already have at home.  Anyone can read the books to the child; it doesn’t have to be a parent.  You can even repeat books when your child wants to hear the same book over and over again,  After each 100 books, your child gets to choose a free book to take home and has his/her picture posted on our Wall of Fame.  Ask for more information at the main desk.

Another thing to check out at the library is our contribution to the Christmas Give Away on December 8th.  We donate two gift bags full of goodies each year.  This year’s bags will be on display near the Angel Tree.  We so enjoy this season of giving and community that thrives in Thayer.  Thank you for letting us be a part it!

November 2019 Newsletter

The weather is turning cooler and letting us know that the Holiday season is approaching quickly.  Trunk n’ Treat starts the season with Halloween treats and free books here at the library.  We will see you Thursday, Oct. 31st from 5-7.  Next up is the Thayer Methodist Church Turkey Dinner and Bazaar on Saturday, November 2 at 4 pm.  We expect to have the Angel Tree up here at the library around Thanksgiving.  The Thayer Christmas Drawing will be Sunday, December 8th at 4 pm.  We will have many opportunities to meet and mingle with friends and neighbors.  This makes this time of year so special.

We are making some progress in the library rearrangement.  The SEKLS rotation books are now located in the main room again.  They are along the West wall.  The printer is now in that funky corner near the front window.  The CD-audio books are along the East wall on a new shelf.  We are waiting on a new magazine rack.  We still have some other items to move, but we are getting there.  We still have several pieces of very nice furniture to rehome.  Come by and see if there is anything you need.  We will make you a good price on them.

This time of year is also a busy one for the publishing business.  Most of your favorite authors are releasing books for the Christmas season.  We have new books by Stephen King, Clive Cussler, Michael Connelly, John Grisham, and J.A. Jance.  If anyone of you read Before We Were Yours, by Lisa Wingate, we now have a follow-up, non-fiction book that explores the true story of what happened to the orphans of the Tennessee Children’s Home Society.  An older book that warrants a mention is The Rise of the Rocket Girls by Holt.   She tells of the female, human computers of the Jet Propulsion Lab from 1939 until the mid-2010’s.  What an incredible story of unsung heroes.  Life and Other Inconveniences by Kristan Higgins is a great read.  If you stop by, we will fill you in on all of our favorite books

October 2019 Newsletter


The Thayer Friday Reading Club City Library is excited to announce the beginning of a new program.  We are starting a “1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program.”  This program is completely free.  Participants don’t even have to be library patrons.  Books do not have to be checked out from the library.  Parents just need to sign up and choose how they would like to record the books read to the child.  They can keep track of number of books read or they can write down the titles of the books.  After each 100 books, the child is rewarded with a free book of his or her choice and a picture on our wall of fame.  The books can be read to the child by anyone; parent, grandparent, sibling, caregiver, or teacher.  When the child goes through the, “I want to hear it again” stage, that is fine: repeats of the same book are allowed.  We hope that every family with young children will take part in this program.  It will be such a positive experience for everyone.

We have some upcoming events to tell you about.  We will have a book talk to introduce the 2019 Kansas Notable Books to our patrons.  We will have light refreshments at 6:30 on Wednesday, October 9th.  There is no registration required, and everyone is invited.  The talk shouldn’t last more than 30 minutes.  We haven’t heard any plans for the annual Trunk’n Treat, but Halloween is will be here before the next newsletter so this is a good time to remind everyone that the library will have treats and free books for all the trick ‘n treaters.  We love to see all the costumes and excited faces.

We still have several pieces of very nice furniture and a couple of TV’s for sale at the library.  We also have a piano that is free to anyone who would like to have it.  We need to make room to rearrange our space to serve the needs of our patrons better.  Please feel free to come by and make us an offer on anything you like.

As always we offer free wifi, computers, printing, copying, fax machine, books, magazines, cd-audio books, music CD’s, laminating, meeting room with computer projector, exploration kits for both young and older kids, the Welcome, Baby program, free information on services available in the area, information on how to become a 2020 census worker ( great part- time job), and we collect Cash not Trash donations, Box Tops for Education for the Thayer School, and pop tops for the Joyce Family.  We need you to let us know of newborns in Thayer.